Research Reports

CELSI Research Report series publishes selected analytical policy-oriented treatises authored or co-authored by CELSI experts (staff, fellows and affiliates) and produced in cooperation with prominent partners including various supranational bodies, national and local governments, think-tanks and foundations, as well as civil-society organizations. Please submit your research report as a .pdf or .doc(x) file to

No. Title and Author(s) Date PDF
8 Review of Profiling Systems, Categorization of Jobseekers and Calculation of Unit Service Costs in Employment Services - Implications and Applications for Slovakia Mýtna Kureková, L. May 2014 Download PDF
7 GINI Country Report: The Czech Republic and Slovakia Martišková, M, Paleník, M., Siebertová, Z., Guzi, M., Pertold, F. and Kahanec, M. September 2013 Download PDF
6 Governing the Metal Sector in Slovakia Brngálová, B. and Kahancová, M. June 2013 Download PDF
5 Governing the Healthcare Sector in Slovakia Kahancová, M. June 2013 Download PDF
4 Overview of the Labour Market Situation of Low-Educated and Roma Population and Regulations Affecting Their Employment Messing, V., Brozovicova, K., Fabo, B. and Kahanec, M. May 2013 Download PDF
3 Activating Benefit in Material Need Recipients in the Slovak Republic Duell, N. and Mýtna Kureková, L. May 2013 Download PDF
2 From collective bargaining to political action: trade union responses to precarious employment in the Slovak Republic Martišková, M and Kahancová, M. May 2013 Download PDF
1 Skilled Labor Flows: Lessons from the European Union Kahanec, M. May 2013 Download PDF