CELSI Discussion Paper series open for submissions now

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CELSI Discussion Paper series open for submissions now

Published on Nov. 21, 2012


CELSI Discussion Paper series is a flagship of CELSI’s academic endeavors. Its objective is the dissemination of fresh state-of-the-art knowledge, cross-fertilization of knowledge and ideas, and promotion of interdisciplinary dialogue about labour markets or broader labour issues in Central and Eastern Europe.

CELSI Research Fellows and Affiliates enjoy the exclusive opportunity to publish their research papers (including co-authored ones) in the CELSI Discussion Paper Series. CELSI Discussion Paper series is non-rival in that we also accept papers that are published in other working or discussion paper series (the copyright stays with the author(s)). We think various outlets complement each other and ensure wider dissemination of knowledge, reaching to various complementary audiences. Please note, however, that we do not accept papers previously published as journal articles, chapters in edited volumes, or similar.

Please read the submission guidelines and use the submission form and checklist .


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