New publication titled "Auto industry in the Hungarian Northern Great Plain" available electronically

The publication assessed new challenges in the world of work, sustainability, digitalisation, automation, vocational training and worker representation in the region, which faces major investments in the last years.

CELSI contributed to the new Eurofound research report regarding emerging practices in collective bargaining

Collective bargaining across the EU has been facing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, green transition and digitalisation.

The Office of the Hungarian Parliament compiled a short information note on the topics of wage discussions and social dialogue which featured the research findings within the COLBAR-EUROPE project

The study published in September 2021 referred to the work of CELSI researcher Gábor Szüdi where he compared the clauses of the collective bargaining agreements across the Visegrád countries in terms of wage determination.

CELSI publishes new mapping study titled "Mapping the Labour Market Trends and Trade Union Policies for Young Teachers and Other Education Personnel"

The mapping study, published by the CELSI team, analyses the engagement of young professionals in education trade unions, and ongoing union activities for young members, including recruitment strategies and the involvement of young members in the decision-making processes.

ELA report on undeclared work in the personal and household services sector released

CELSI is proud to announce that the European Labour Authority has published a long-awaited report on undeclared work in the care and other personal household services. CELSI team considerably contributed to the report to estimate the prevalence of undeclared work, its drivers, and policy approaches involving preventive and deterrence measures across the EU Member States.

CELSI's updated study for European Parliament's committee on Employment and Social Affairs has been published

The updated briefing paper on 'The social and employment situation of Roma communities in Slovakia' was written by CELSI researchers Barbora Holubová, Martin Kahanec, Lucia Kováčová and Mária Sedláková in collaboration with Zuzana Poláčková from the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

New book chapter by Barbora Holubová, Marta Kahancová, Mária Sedláková and Adam Šumichrast: "Return to work practice in Slovakia: matching best practice with the scope of social partner activity"

The chapter "Return to work practice in Slovakia matching best practice with the scope of social partner activity", authored by CELSI researchers, was just published in a new ETUI book titled "Continuing at work: Long-term illness, return to work schemes and the role of industrial relations".

CELSI's M. Kahancová and M. Martišková co-authored the article "With Minimum Wages and Collective Bargaining towards Wage (In)Equality: Evidence from Czechia and Slovakia"

Article "With Minimum Wages and Collective Bargaining towards Wage (In)Equality: Evidence from Czechia and Slovakia", published by Marta Kahancová, Monika Martišková and Jakub Kostolný in Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research, Vol. 27, No. 1, pp: 75-96.

An article co-authored by Marta Kahancová published in the Human Relations journal

Marta Kahancová co-authored the article titled "Power resources and successful trade union actions that address precarity in adverse contexts: The case of Central and Eastern Europe" along with Aurora Trif, Aristea Koukiadaki and Valentina Paolucci.

CELSI's Marta Kahancová contributed to a new book "Minimum Wage Regimes Statutory Regulation, Collective Bargaining and Adequate Levels"

Marta Kahancová contributed with a chapter with Vassil Kirov titled "Shaping minimum wages in Central and Eastern Europe: Giving up collective bargaining in favour of legal regulation?" and a second chapter with Elizardo Scarpati Costa titled "Minimum wages and inequality mitigation in post-dictatorship industrial relations systems in Latin America: The case of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay".

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