CELSI research widely cited in late Summer

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CELSI research widely cited in late Summer

Published on Sept. 4, 2013


CELSI research was widely cited by media in Slovakia, the Nethelarnds and Belgium. The Dutch media, including Het Financieele Dagblad, de Volkskrant or, covered recent advances of CELSI in the research about living and minimum wages within the WageIndicator project .Read articles online in Financieele Dagblad ,

In Slovakia, leading daily newspapers published articles on income inequalities ( Hospodárske noviny , SME , Pravda:Rozdiely v príjmoch Slovákov sa zväčšili,pomohli si ľudia s VŠ ) and on the relationship between education and wages in Slovakia (e.g. Pravda: Prieskum: Najvac spokojni su vysokoškolsky vzdelaní ľudia ).


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