CELSI joins research projects on collective agreements

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CELSI joins research projects on collective agreements

Published on Feb. 9, 2023

CELSI is currently included in several Collective Agreement projects at WageIndicator. WageIndicator and its project partners collect hundreds of Collective Agreements every year. These are then annotated: each clause gets identified based on the issue it adresses. Researchers from various organisations and countries use these annotations to analyse the contents of the agreements, leading to insights into collective bargaining and industrial relations.

Our team is involved in the BARCOVID, BARWAGE and BARMETAL projects:

  • BARCOVID (“The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Collective Agreements in Europe”) project aims to understand the specific effects of the ongoing pandemic situation on the collective bargaining process and outcomes in 32 countries, including the Visegrad country group.
  • BARWAGE (“The importance of collective bargaining for wage setting in the European Union”) project aims to quantify the wage-setting arenas in EU27 by performing quantitative analyses and understand to what extent how collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) in nine EU countries (AT, BG, CZ, EE, ES, IT, FR, NL, PT) set wage levels and wage increases and whether patterns by industry and bargaining level can be identified per country.
  • BARMETAL (“Digitalization, Automatization and Decarbonization: Opportunity for strengthening collective bargaining in the metal sector”) project seeks to analyse the current situation and opportunities for strengthening collective bargaining in the metalworking industry in conditions of technological change, including in particular digitalization, automatization and decarbonization.

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