Arunas Juska

Arunas Juska

Research Fellow:
  • East Carolina University in Greenville, USA
Research areas:
  • Baltic states Post-socialist politics and labor policies Crime and policing Rural development Community organizing

Dr. Arunas Juska is an associate professor and a director of graduate studies at the department of sociology, East Carolina University in Greenville, NC, USA. In 1989 he received his Ph.D. in sociology from Academy of Sciences in Lithuania, in 1991 M.A. in Sociology from Syracuse University, NY and in 1996 Ph.D. in sociology from Michigan State University. From 1996 until 1999 he taught at University of Nebraska at Omaha, moving to ECU in 2000. His research had covered agro-food industry development in the US and Canada, focusing on technological innovation and labor issues in this sector of the economy. His most current research is on Eastern Europe with specialization on the Baltic states. He writes extensively on rural development and community organizing, crime and policing, politics and labor issues in the region.

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