Katarína Lukáčová

Katarína Lukáčová

Researcher Research areas:
  • Labour Mobility, Welfare and Labour Policy, Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining, Green and Digital Transitions

As a researcher at the CELSI Institute in Bratislava, Katarína is involved in projects dealing with changing work and employment in the context of digital and green fair transformation. She has expertise on transforming sectors (automotive, coal mining, energy, steel, metal etc.). She is currently finalizing her PhD dissertation in Transnational Governance at the SNS/SSSA in Florence/Italy. Katarína specializes in the field of economic/labour sociology, with a focus on social dialogue, work organization and social dialogue/collective bargaining. She is also cooperating with various social partner organizations across EU on projects related to state of the art of fair transition and collective bargaining.

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