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Policy Puzzles with Roma Employment in Slovakia


Policy Puzzles with Roma Employment in Slovakia

Authors: Mýtna Kureková, L.
Published: October 2015
Keywords: employment policies, public employment services, Roma, social inclusion, Slovakia
JEL classification: D04, I3, J68


This paper analyses the implementation of mainstream employment policies in Slovakia with respect to Roma. It highlights positive and negative practices in application, revealing diversity in on-the-ground implementation of different measures as well as institutional deficiencies in the provision of public employment services. By gathering experiences from the stakeholders involved in the implementation, as well as from Roma participants, the paper differs from top-down approaches to analysing employment policies prevailing to date and unveils the experiences, perceptions and practices of Roma themselves. It finds that the employment options available through the mainstream employment framework represent an important opportunity for many Roma in the deprived localities, especially under the economic deprivation aggravated by the recent economic crisis. Efforts should concentrate on up-scaling and targeting the mainstream framework, on fighting institutional discrimination, and on enhanced investment in education and training.

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