Discussion Papers

Discussion Papers (2020)

CELSI Discussion Paper series is a flagship of CELSI’s academic endeavors. Its objective is the dissemination of fresh state-of-the-art knowledge, cross-fertilization of knowledge and ideas, and promotion of interdisciplinary dialogue about labour markets or broader labour issues in Central and Eastern Europe. Contributions from all social science disciplines, including but not limited to economics, sociology, political science, public policy, social anthropology, human geography, demography, law and social psychology, are welcome. Please read the submission guidelines and use the submission form and checklist.

No. Title and Author(s) Date PDF
58 Better Integration in the Labor Market by Responding to Work Motives: Lessons from a Field Experiment among Israeli Ultra-Religious Women Neuman, S. and Goldfarb, Y. Feb 2020 download PDF
57 The English and Russian Language Proficiency Premium in the post-Maidan Ukraine – an Analysis of Web Survey Data Fabo, B. Feb 2020 download PDF
56 Drivers of cultural participation of immigrants: evidence from an Italian survey Venturini, A. , Bertacchini, E. and Zotti, R. Feb 2020 download PDF

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