Research reports

Research Reports (2014)

The CELSI Research Report Series publishes selected analytical and policy-oriented reports, based on original empirical evidence, authored or co-authored by CELSI experts (staff, fellows and affiliates) as well as external researchers. We welcome research reports presenting new data on Central and Eastern Europe, or relevant for the Central and Eastern European region, in the areas of welfare and labour policy, caring societies, social dialogue and collective bargaining, green and digital transitions, new forms of work, labour mobility, or inequalities and vulnerabilities in the labour market and in society. Please submit your research report as a .pdf or .doc(x) file to [].

No. Title and Author(s) Date PDF
8 Review of Profiling Systems, Categorization of Jobseekers and Calculation of Unit Service Costs in Employment Services - Implications and Applications for Slovakia Mýtna Kureková, L. May 2014 download PDF

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