Research reports

Research Reports (2021)

The CELSI Research Report series publishes selected analytical policy-oriented treatises authored or co-authored by CELSI experts (staff, fellows and affiliates) and produced in cooperation with prominent partners including various supranational bodies, national and local governments, think-tanks and foundations, as well as civil-society organizations. Please submit your research report as a .pdf or .doc(x) file to

No. Title and Author(s) Date PDF
44 Collective Bargaining Agreements in the Visegrad Countries Szüdi, G. Jun 2021 download PDF
43 Chcem pracovať, kto mi pomôže? Posilnenie spolupráce medzi tvorcami politík a neziskovým sektorom pri integrácii zdravotne znevýhodnených ľudí na trh práce Holubová, B. , Kahancová, M. , Kováčová, L. , Mýtna Kureková, L. , Sedláková, M. , Šumichrast, A. and Torp, S. Feb 2021 download PDF
42 Shaping return-to-work policy: the role of industrial relations at the European, national and workplace levels. Perspectives of managers and workers Šumichrast, A. and Kostolný, J. Feb 2021 download PDF
41 Return to Work Policies and the Role of Industrial Relations in Slovakia Holubová, B. , Kahancová, M. , Sedláková, M. and Šumichrast, A. Jan 2021 download PDF

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