ARTUS-CEE: Stratégie odborových zväzov na zvýšenie konvergencie sociálnych noriem v rozšírenej Európskej únii - hlas krajín strednej a východnej Európy

Video conference - June 29, 2020

Video conference - June 29, 2020

29. jún 2020

Articulation of the Trade Unions’ Strategies on upward convergence of social standards in the enlarged European Union – voice of CEE countries

Project meeting

ARTUS-CEE project partners met on-line on June 29, 2020 to discuss the progress and the next steps in their research work.

We talked about the comparative report, nationaland EU level policy papers, as well as various dissemination strategies to promote the result of the ARTUS-CEE project. CELSI has been represented by Mária Sedláková, a principal researcher in the project.

Follow our project page to get updates on the Slovak national report and policy paper!


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